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About LIVING Day By Day Magazine


Elder Lakeba Wallace is a Women of Faith who God has given the ability to become a Magazine Editor, Realtor, Author, Radio/TV Personality and Breast Cancer Survivor/Educator.  She is the Host of the Living Day By Day Radio/TV Show.


As an Author, she published her first book, You Can Make It in March 2009 and is currently in the process of publishing two additional books.


As a public speaker, Elder Lakeba Wallace seeks to enhance opportunities in mass media broadcasting that will give her the ability to empower all people.


As a Magazine Editor, she strives to continue to create and distribute a magazine that offers an avenue of information, education and inspiration.


The Living Day By Day Magazine strives to target and satisfy the entire family.  All of our stories/articles will encourage, enlighten and empower families as a whole.


We welcome your input, Ads, Sponsorships and stories for future editions.   We hope you enjoy this magazine as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


May this year and the years to come bring you and your family good health, wisdom, peace, prosperity, love and joy.


God bless!


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